About the System

The System of Energy and Resource Saving Technology Transfer for the traffic network development in Ukraine was created on the basis of the “National transport University in accordance to Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order of No. 1611 from  22.11.2013” The main task of the proposal is to address problems involving research commercialization and development findings of University developments.
The main goals of the System of Energy and Resource Saving Technology Transfer:
– Technology exchange and development between academic sectors and industries.
– The search for partners and investors for development and implementation cooperation of varying scientific advanced technology products for the scientific purposes both in Ukraine and abroad.
– The cooperation with international technology transfer networks. (between the EU and Ukraine)

The system principles within this project:

  • That the particular formats within the system are performed unitarily for the purposes of technological information exchanged between network participants provide a uniform format.
  • The project demonstrates compatibility with the National network of technology transfer.
  • The orientation is catered to professional participants within the technology transfer process.
  • The information quality control provided to participants/members of the technology allow for transfer network.

Allow for an open network to new members.

Computer and telecommunication equipment systems technology transfer