Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

By Order of Ukraine from 31.07.2008 number 712 “On Approval of the working group on the creation of the National Technology Transfer Network” in order to implement the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On state regulation of activities in technology transfer” and the building of the National Technology Transfer Network NTTN (www.nttn., a working group, which operates in accordance with the provisions approved by the MES from 07.09.2011 number 1031 “on approval of the working group on the creation of the National network for technology transfer”.

The main objectives NTTN effective use of scientific and intellectual potential of Ukraine, commercialization of scientific and technological development of higher education institutions, research institutions and innovators, development of effective mechanisms and conditions for the transfer of new technologies into production at domestic enterprises, involving in economic circulation of scientific and technical activities to promote import substitution and reorientation of domestic enterprises to export high-tech products.

The work of NTTN attended by over 80 participants and partners, of which 39 are certified according to the procedures online. As of mid-2012 the network NTTN participants trained and placed more than 100 technological profiles.

National Network NTTN cooperating with technology transfer networks in other countries. Signed the agreement with the network coordinator of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Further development of the legal, methodological, communication and information platform and other support National Technology Transfer Network NTTN by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (, Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine together with stakeholders and partners network.

Maintenance and support Infusion transfer of energy saving technologies, based at the National Transport University, according to the order of MES from 22.11.2013 number 1611 Department carried out scientific activities and licensing of MES.

Contact: Alexander Voronenko ( tel. 044 486-29-75).