National Transport University

unıversıty Higher education institution IV level of accreditation ownership – State license AB №586133, trains specialists in educational levels bachelor, specialist and master’s of public order, and at the expense of businesses and individuals.
Founded in November 1944 as Kyiv Automobile and Road Institute (KARI).

It consists of four institutions:

  • Institute of correspondence and distance learning;
  • Institute for Economics and Business transport;
  • Institute of Pre-University Training and International Cooperation;
  • Research Institute of transportation and building technologies.

The four departments:

  • Automobile Mechanic;
  • road construction;
  • Economics, Management and Law;
  • transport and information technology.


Three educational counseling centers in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and c. Kryvyi Rih.

The University International Education Center for Information Technology (IECIT). There are post-graduate and doctoral studies.

The University has two academic buildings, a training ground, a modern sports complex with swimming pool and game rooms and fitness, health and sports camp, five dormitories. The university has a student center of creativity and entertainment, employing creative teams.

University Address: 01010, Kyiv-10, st. Suvorov, 1.
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