Mathematical modelling of accident-free drilling in shale rock and offshore marine areas

1. General description:
Mathematical modelling of accident-free drilling in shale rock and 
offshore marine areas 
Higher education institution (Kyiv) specializing in Technology has 
developed a method for mathematical modelling of accident-free drilling 
of oil and gas wells in shale rock and offshore marine areas for scientific 
and technical support of their design and deepening. This technology enables to improve the accuracy and reliability of modelling drilling related accidents. The authors are looking for oil and gas companies for joint cooperation and the development of appropriate computer software. 
The description of the proposal:
Currently the exploration of combustible gas in shale rock is being carried out in Ukraine. In some coal mines the drainage of methane gas has already enabled to improve the safety of underground activities as well as to provide some mining towns and cities with fuel gas. According to the international experience, the exploration of this gas can be effective only when boring curved wells. The issues of surveying underground energy resources and intensification of their exploration from greater depths become more and more acute. That's why the problem of theoretical modelling of drill string bending mechanism in deep curved wells to prevent accidents is very important. 
This technology allows to model emergency situations when drilling deep vertical (up to 10,000 m in depth) and downward (moving horizontally from a drilling machine up to 12 km) oil and gas wells. The researcher has been experienced in computer studies of the least energy-consuming methods of drilling and the identification of possible accidents and the development of structural measures to avoid emergency situations. 
Innovative aspects and benefits: 
Technology implementation provides a customer with computer methods envisaging the decrease of energy cost and drilling duration by reducing the contact interaction of a drill string with a borehole wall. 
Technology key words:
2.6.2. Modelling, modelling mechanisms.
4.3.4. Liquid fossil fuel.
5.4.2. Mathematical modelling.  
Current stage of development:
Research, laboratory testing
Additional information:
Intermediate R&D, Research and engineering activity, additional research
Intellectual property rights:
Patent was obtained.
2. Applications:
Codes of industrial applications:
2.7.7. Application software
3.7.3. Other analytical and scientific devices.
6.1. Oil and gas exploration and production.
6.3. Drilling and service.
9.3.5. Consulting. 
Existing and potential areas of application:
The technology of modelling accident-free drilling in shale rock and offshore marine areas can be used by public and private oil, gas and coal companies. 
3. Cooperation:
Technical cooperation:
Joint further development
Testing of new applications
Adaptation to customer needs
Manufacturing agreement (subcontract and joint contract):
Technology adaptation to new materials
Technical advice
Type of the desired partner:
Industrial organization
Partner’s sphere of activity:
Oil and gas producing activity
Partner’s tasks:
Adaptation of mathematical model to real drilling conditions  
Preferred countries:
Ukraine, Russia, USA.
4. Information about your organization:
Research institute / university 
The size of organization (the number of employees):
5. Contact information:
National Transport University 
01010 1 Suvorova st.
Kyiv / Ukraine
Contact person: 
Gulyayev Valeriy Ivanovych
Department of Mathematics
6. Authority 
Authorized person:
Dmytriyev Mykola Mykolayovych