Multi-purpose earthmoving machine

Multi-purpose earthmoving machine
1. General description:
Multi-purpose earthmoving machine
Higher education institution from Kyiv offers a technology for adaptive 
speed control of fluctuations in frames of the movable arm of a 
multi-purpose earthmoving machine. It takes into account the size of 
the tractor moving to ensure uniform shavings of soil providing improved 
performance of the machine to 50%. The use of the technology ensures 
uniform shavings of different thicknesses made by the movable arm. 
Higher education institution is looking for interested partners to 
implement the development.
The description of the proposal:
The design of the movable arm of a multi-purpose earthmoving machine and 
its control algorithm for digging trenches and pits of different width by 
the same movable arm was developed. A multi-purpose earthmoving machine 
with the movable arm of the proposed design is able to build trenches 
of different width and depth without design changes of work equipment. 
It is designed to dig trenches in soils of I-IV categories of 1.5-4.5 m 
in depth (three passes) and of 0.6-4.5 m in width. The developer has 
been experienced in research and manufacturing sector in the field of 
creating machinery for continuous development of soils.
Innovative aspects and benefits: 
Excavators of existing sizes allow digging of long slots of a given 
pattern with minor deviations from their nominal width and depth. 
Digging slots of another pattern is achieved by retrofitting machines 
with the other work equipment. Multi-purpose earthmoving machinery (MPEM) 
is capable of digging long slots of different width and depth by the 
same movable arm. This greatly expands the scope of their use and 
improves their manufacture due to mass production of similar machinery. 
Using the rotor arm and the application of the proposed algorithm for 
its control allows the most efficient use of engine power of the machine.
Technology key words:
2.1 Constuction and modelling, Prototypes 
3.1 Other industrial technologies 
Current stage of development:
Research, laboratory testing
Model, prototype
Additional information:
Research and engineering activity, project cost estimation
Intellectual property rights:
Patent was obtained
Secrets of production (know-how)
The researcher owns the patent of Ukraine for invention (obtained in 2013). 
2. Applications:
Codes of industrial applications:
9.3.1 Engineering services
6.9 Other areas related to energy
8.3 Industrial equipment and machinery
Existing and potential areas of application:
The proposed technology for adaptive arm control allows calculating and 
design of movable arms of a multi-purpose earthmoving machine. It will 
enable a twofold-fourfold increase in the rate of excavation activity in 
construction and major repair of pipelines.
3. Cooperation:
Technical cooperation:
Joint further development
Adaptation to customer needs
Type of the desired partner:
The developer of the methodology seeks for design organizations dealing with 
engineering for the joint development of design documentation for the 
multi-purpose earthmoving machinery able to develop trenches and pits of 
different width.
Partner’s sphere of activity:
Engineering, designing earthmoving machinery
Partner’s tasks:
Joint development of design documentation
Preferred countries:
4. Information about your organization:
Higher education institution
Research institute / university 
The size of organization (the number of employees):
5. Contact information:
National Transport University 
01010 1 Suvorova st.
Kyiv / Ukraine
Contact person:
Musiyko Volodymyr Danylovych
Department of Road Construction Machinery 
6. Authority 
Authorized person:
Dmytriyev Mykola Mykolayovych