The use of alternative fuels and improvement of engine control and supply systems of wheeled vehicles

1. General description:
The use of alternative fuels and improvement of engine control and supply 
systems of wheeled vehicles
A University group of scientists (Kyiv) offers the project to improve fuel 
efficiency and environmental indicators of engines by using alternative 
fuels. The authors are looking for partners to implement projects aimed 
at improving supply systems by using different types of alternative fuels 
resulting in fuel efficiency and harmful emission reduction. The authors 
are seeking for partners to carry out joint experimental research.
The description of the proposal:
Theoretical and experimental studies of using biogas as an additive to 
commercial fuel. The analysis of ways to reduce toxicity and improve fuel 
efficiency of gasoline engines in different modes – with insignificant 
load and in an idling mode while adding hydrogen to the fuel-air mixture. 
Theoretical and experimental studies of the influence of ethanol additives. 
The study of dynamic and environmental indicators of engines when operating 
on petrol with additives of alcohol compounds.
Innovative aspects and benefits:
The implementation of the solutions, methods and algorithms suggested allows 
us to provide the customer with technical means for carrying out theoretical 
studies and experimental testing of engines. It will help determine fuel 
efficiency and environmental indicators of engines using biogas, bioethanol 
and hydrogen as alternative fuels by choosing the right ratio of alternative 
and standard fuel.
Technology key words:
Bioethanol, biogas, hydrogen, fuel efficiency, harmful substances, environmental 
Additional information:
Computational studies are performed on mathematical models developed to determine 
engine performance when using fuels with the addition of bioethanol, biogas and 
hydrogen in different quantities. Calculations of engine performance are carried 
out according to urban driving cycle or in any mode with the load.
Current stage of development:
Research, laboratory testing
Additional information:
Research and engineering activity, project cost estimation
Intellectual property rights:
Patent, Copyright were obtained.
2. Applications:
Codes of industrial applications:
2.9.1. Vehicle construction;
4.2.1. Fuel cells, hydrogen production;
4.3.1. Coal and hydrocarbons;
4.3.4. Liquid fossil fuel;
10.2.3. Ecology.
Existing and potential areas of application:
The research results can be used by motor transport enterprises, 
automotive assembly companies and engine manufacturers. Scientific 
achievements can be used in an educational process.
3. Cooperation:
License agreement
Technical co-operation:
Joint further development
Testing of new applications
Manufacturing agreement (subcontract and joint contract):
Technology adaptation to new materials
Change of existing technology of a potential partner
Commercial agreement with technical assistance:
Development and customization
Technical advice
4. Information about your organization:
Research institute / university
The size of organization (the number of employees):
5. Contact information:
National Transport University
01010 1 Suvorova st.
Kyiv / Ukraine
Contact person:
Syrota Olexandr Vadymovych
The Department of Engines and Heating Engineering
6. Authority
Authorized person:
Dmytriyev Mykola Mykolayovych